KHAIRABERA lies in the PURULIA District, which is the westernmost district in West Bengal state, India. Purulia is a beautiful and vast territory of around 6,259 square km. The driving distance from Purulia to Khairabera Dam is only 67 km.On the slopes and at the fringe of the woods at Baghmundi nestle the beautiful tourist destination spot of ours The Khairabera ECO ADVENTURE RESORT. The delightful and charming scenic beauty of the spot and the demographic situation of it, as it's close to other sightseeing areas like Matha, Para, Sahebbandh, Deulghat, Cheliama and Baghmundi etc helped us to turn it into our ECO ADVENTURE RESORT destination with a clear vision that it will attract a lot of visitors as it is so appealing.

To experience human advancement during the 17th century, classicists and archeologist’s paradise, you can visit Cheliama a notable place in Khairabera which has loads of rich history in store for you. Tribal gatherings and rock climbing courses can be experienced at Matha, a 50-segment of Land Lake, Saheb Bandh acts like one of the secretive regions in Perugia. Also, you can enjoy trekking/camping with food facilities and guide provided by us towards Baghmundi falls. Some of the local seasonal attraction and adventure you may come across here are the traditional Cockfighting, Blooming Polash festival, Bhadu festivals, Santal dance etc .You will be thrilled to hear the barking deer, peacock, bear, wild boar, leopards, elephants and Indian hyenas are found in the local areas of Ajodhya hills as well. To sum it all we feel privileged to put The Khairabera ECO ADVENTURE RESORT destination as a one-stop destination which offers you so much as a nature lover, loads of adventure and an opportunity to experience a memorable getaway in your lifetime. The unforgettable time you may spend on the banks of the Khairabera reservoir and watch the sun set over the vast expanse of the Purulia outback will always thrive you to come back again.

Have you ever had dinner with a million tiny little bulbs above you . . . experience it here with us.

Getting There

Khairabera site is situated about 67 KM from Purulia Town, West Bengal, India. Pick up and drop: Pick up and drop will be available. Charges as applicable.

By Air : If you are traveling to Kolkata from any other destination to avail our facilities and accommodation after arriving at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport in Kolkata West Bengal, which is the closest airdrome to Purulia. This air terminal is extremely very much joined with all the parts of India and abroad. After arriving at this air terminal, travelers can reach Purulia either by rail route or by road. There are normal administrations for both the methods of transport. The separation between Kolkata Airport and Purulia region is almost around 330 KM. Also, apart from the international/domestic airport in Kolkata (which is the biggest commercial airport close to the destination), the domestic flights are also available to Ranchi, Andal airdrome from where you can also come to Purulia.

From Ranchi airport to Khairabera Dam - 98 KM

From Jamshedpur airport to Khairabera Dam - 97.7 KM

From Andal airport to Khairabera Dam - 178 KM

By Rail : The region of Purulia has its own railroad station, which is considered the best in West Bengal. There are direct arrangements that associate Purulia to the various districts in India, including Delhi, Orissa, and Kolkata. This region is likewise all around associated with Asansol, Chakradharpur, Burdwan, and Kharagpur. 1.5 km from the town focus, Purulia Junction station is an intersection, as throughout the entire the separation trains stop here. Puruliya Express keeps running from Howrah on all day, with the exception of Saturday. However, you can also avail trains from Tatanagar,Ranchi and Kolkata to Barabhum station, which is the closest station towards Baghmundi and Kairabera Dam through Balarampur.From Barabhum station you may avail Bus/Car towards Khairabera Dam or you can also pre-book our pick up facilities.
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By Road : Purulia itself does have a bus stand.
However, there are three road routes to reach Khairabera from Kolkata which are as follows:

1) Kolkata -> Burdwan -> Bamunara -> Durlavpur -> Raghunathpur -> Purulia Town -> Kotshila -> Currabira -> Baradi (stay on Ajodhya road until Burda road then take left towards) -> Khairabera Dam

2) Kolkata -> Howrah -> Bagnan -> Kharagpur -> Gojasimul -> Turn right towards Jhargram ->Barabhum -> Balarampur -> Baghmundi -> (Continue to follow SH 4) -> Pass by Tahseen Medicine Emporia (on the left in 24.9 km) -> Turn right at Koreng More Bus Stop onto -> Burda Rd (Turn right at Burda Bus Stop to stay on Burda Rd) -> Pass by Forest Office (on the right in 700 m) -> Turn right to stay on Burda Rd-> Pass by Airtel on the right-> Khairabera

3) Kolkata -> Howrah -> Bagnan -> Kharagpur -> Gojasimul (stay straight towards Ghatshila) ->Jamshedpur -> Balarampur -> Baghmundi -> (Continue to follow SH 4) -> Pass by Tahseen Medicine Emporia (on the left in 24.9 km) -> Turn right at Koreng More Bus Stop onto -> Burda Rd (Turn right at Burda Bus Stop to stay on Burda Rd) -> Pass by Forest Office (on the right in 700 m) -> Turn right to stay on Burda Rd-> Pass by Airtel on the right-> Khairabera

4) Kolkata -> Bankura -> Take Lal Bazar Rd to NH14 -> Head south towards Lal Bazar Rd -> Continue onto Lal Bazar Rd -> Take NH314 to SH 4A in Sindri -> Slight right onto NH14 -> Turn right onto NH314 -> Turn right to stay on NH314 -> Turn right at Raghabhpur More to stay on NH314 -> Turn right onto NH18 -> Continue on SH 4A to your destination -> Continue straight past Chas More Bus Stop onto SH 4A -> Turn left -> Turn right -> Turn left onto Begun Kuder Rd -> Turn right onto Baghbindha Rd -> Turn left onto Baruakocha Rd -> Turn left to stay on Baruakocha Rd -> Continue onto Gurebera Rd -> Turn right onto Ajodhya Rd -> Turn right -> Turn right -> Turn left -> Khairabera

7 h 11 min (334.1 km) via NH16 and SH 5
7 h 41 min (349.8 km) via NH19 and Durgapur – Purulia – Raghunathpur RD
7 h 56 min (309.5 km) via SH 2

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Special well marked paths have been created for trekking enthusiasts. Walk through the forested splendour as you soak in the visual beauty of the Ayodhya Hills.



4 seater, 2 seater and single seater kayaks alongwith life jackets are available on hire for those interested in venturing into the lake.

*GST applicable on every activity.


Resort Activities

There is Basketball, Volleyball, Football and Badminton among other sporting arrangements at the camp site.

*GST applicable on every activity.



Archery is a sport for everyone. It is certainly a test of skill,
but one that is fun and suitable for everyone, no matter what your fitness level.
As a part of an enjoyable event and activity you will be able to enjoy to get your
breath back but to also test your nerves. You will also receive personal attention to
ensure that you have developed the correct technique to make this a truly enjoyable and
successful experience.

*GST applicable on every activity


Mountain Bicycling

Hire a bike and explore the scenic terrain, visit the quaint neighbouring villages or just experience the wind in your hair while you stay fit!



For the fishing enthusiast! You will fall for this place…hook, line and tackle!

*GST applicable on every activity

Night Safari


Night Drive Safari is a game drive that operates after dark, with a powerful spotlight.
This 2-hour safari on an Open Game Drive Safari Vehicle offers one a chance of witnessing
the elusive Leopards, Elephant, Bears and striped Hyenas and so much more. The advantage of a night drive is that they provide access
to nocturnal species that are rarely seen during the day, as leopards and hyenas are much more active in the dark, and there is a greater
probability of seeing them hunt at night.But your luck also needs to kick in.